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Wholesale Seafood

SPSN is one of the largest fishery distributors in Myanmar. 25 years of experience in the international fishery business, freshwater farming, vessel business and inbound and outbound food supplying establish strongest trusted wholesalers of fresh and frozen seafood in Myanmar. Our products are caught directly from the sea by our vessels and our aquaculture farms. We collaborated with many seafood processors and wholesalers.

Fresh & Freeze Fish Products

Our supplies of Hilsa, Tropical Tuna, Scad, Mackerel, Gropers, and Pomfret are recognized and preferred by domestic and international wholesalers and retailers. Our freshwater fishes such as Rohu, Sea Bass, Pangasius and Katla are most popular for the fishery business partners. We also provide other types of seafood.

Export Fishery Products

SPSN is a jetty where all the fish farmers come to sell their fish as well as where all the exporters and local distributors come to collect fish. It provides the freshest pelagic and ground fishes straight from the Indian Ocean with our vessels. In 2012, San Pya Shwe Ngar was awarded for the highest production of marine fish by the ministry of livestock, Fisheries, and Rural Department. We are saying that we have products and the market.



San Pya Shwe Ngar Co., Ltd is an aquaculture distribution and exporting company which has located in Kyi Myin Dine Tsp, Yangon. In 1994, it was established in Yangon by U Arr Warr @ U Tun Win.

We have the experience and knowledge of 25 years in the fishery industry. We grasp the network of quality suppliers from around the world to bring customers same-day-produce-quality directly from the sea.

Under San Pya Shwe Nga Company, there are three main business units, San Pya Shwe Nga live-breeding company limited San Pya Shwe Nga Shipyard, and San Pya Shwe Nga Fishery & Trading Company.

We distribute both seawater and freshwater marine products toward retail and wholesale markets as well as building and maintenance of Vessels.


Our Activities


Our Exported Country

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Head Office

No.4 Bridge, Central Fish Market,

Kyimyindine Township,

Yangon, Myanmar.

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